Doubling Sales


This seminar will provide you with "real world" tips and techniques on how to get things done through others. It is a powerful hands-on session, especially useful for:

  • recently appointed supervisors,  or those
    who will soon assume this new position;
  • experienced supervisors who want to brush up
    on some of the latest techniques.


Among the topics energetically covered:

  • How to supervise people who resent your promotion;
  • How to give instructions that are understood the first time;
  • How to get employees to assume more responsibility
    for their work;
  • How to recognize your own personal management style;
  • How to spot every worker's general personality type;
  • How to assess yourself against qualities of other
    successful supervisors;
  • How to establish specific measurable performance standards;
  • How to evaluate employee performance against
    agreed objectives;
  • How to reprimand, counsel, and discipline employees;
  • How to motivate and praise for better results.
Don't miss this special opportunity! No matter how long you've been at it, 
you'll be a better supervisor starting the very next day!

"You can have all the technical skills you want, but if 
you can't deal with people and get them to do their 
job, you're a failure."
—Dave Denny, Plant Manager,
Liberty Carton,  Fort Worth, Texas.
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