Doubling Sales


This seminar will provide you with proven tools for keeping your current customers and attracting new ones. It is a powerful, hands-on session especially useful for:

  • any person who deals directly with customers
    or suppliers; 

  • any owner, manager, or key employee 
    of a small business; 

  • any company that wants to run circles
    around the big guys.

Learn how to delight your customers:

  • How to keep the customer coming back;
  • Why listening is so important;
  • What characteristics lead to more effective
    customer relations;
  • How to find out what your customers 
  • Why service is not a competitive edge—
    rather it is the competitive edge;
  • Ten powerful traits of going beyond customer service;
  • How to make the telephone a valuable working tool;
  • How to change "irate" customers into
    "I Rate" customers.

Don't miss this special opportunity!

  • Find out how, in today's competitive
    marketplace, you can
  • improve your internal business atmosphere,
  • increase your market share,
  • and your ability to succeed where everyone
    in your organization gets involved.



"In today's rough and tumble marketplace,
when two or more companies are competing
in the same market, the only way one can get
a competitive edge is superior customer service."
-- Arnold "Nick" Carter, Vice President, Research Communications,
Nightinggale Conant Corporation, Niles, Illinois

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