Doubling Sales


This powerful seminar will help your sales people better understand their prospects, their current customers, and themselves.

Learn how to understand personality types:

While there are many different types of people, most of us do things in predictible patterns our main way of reacting to things, which soon become habits. These dominant habits, which can be catagorized into four general types, not only apply to prospects and customers but also to fellow employees and family members.

Understanding more about their own behavior patterns, your sales people will learn:

  • how to spot other people’s behavior patterns
  • how to interact with prospects and customers in ways that are most likely to gain the response they want.

Using patented Managing For Success® computer software, we will provide each participant with unique personal insights. They will learn:

  • how to better understand their own work and/or management style;
  • how to develop powerful action plans that will help them penetrate the toughest prospects and win more business from existing accounts.

Learn how to understand generational differences:

Buyers come in all ages, from people in their twenties to their seventies. Developing the skills required to deal with prospects and customers of different ages is a critical element in every sales person’s success.

This seminar will help them explore and understand the pervading beliefs and attitudes of two generations:

  • how these very different values play out in today’s rough and tumble world where products and services are purchased.

Double Your Sales Without Quadrupling Your Efforts™ will provide your sales people with insights that will help them understand the thought process and priorities of these very different groups:

  • how to use these differences to boost sales results.



“Your energy and skill in engaging our group is still
being praised. Everyone gained an increased awareness
of personality styles and diverse generational perspectives.
It was a fun and productive day of learning that is already
showing up on our bottom line.”
—Lorraine Jetté, President,
Jett Services, Lake Forest, Illinois

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